Must Do:

  • default loan amount when double-clicking loans or using the "add to basket" button
  • set username
  • saved searches
  • quick loading on heroku servers
  • new loans are not discovered after initial load
  • bonus credit criteria does not work
  • cannot do zero percent female, it sets it to max (bigger issue, similar things with other crit)
  • before go-live, new site needs to convert old options and saved searches to new storage methods
  • partner name search/exact search
  • if loans in basket while loading loans and go to /basket it errors
  • basket/:id doesn't work when loading to that page (or backing into it)

To Do:

  • default % to tip kiva
  • https always
  • break About into tabs
  • have strikeout and other styling indicate which drop down options are not available for any loan or just currently selected loans
  • some strangeness on double-slider when clearing (mostly cleared without the debounce)
  • adjust basket amount (not current KL feature)
  • refresh the basket data and clean funded loans when page is loaded
  • GA view and basket data
  • clear up About info
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